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Would we have become car crazed adults without Matchbox cars? 

Matchbox offered 75 different models at $0.49 each. By 1968, the price jumped to $0.55 each and fortunately our allowance money kept up. We built a decent collection and brought them with us in an official  Matchbox suitcase. We played with our Matchbox cars for hours, sometimes trading them with friends. There was never a question what we wanted for our birthdays - more Matchbox cars!

This exhibit reflects a store display from the 1960's showing each model with its original box.

At about 10-years old, we discovered plastic model cars and never looked back. We built and rebuilt the same models mixing parts to create our own custom cars. We learned alot about cars and craftsmanship from building these models.

Often, it was the model car box art that impressed us most. The illustrators had a unique ability to reach right into our souls, making the models look so exciting, they seemed to know exactly what we liked. Seldom did our models come out looking as good as the box art or the hobby shop display. But, we developed the skills to build a fairly decent model in our early teens - patience and practice were the keys.

As the years progressed, we became less interested in model cars and started thinking about how we could get our hands on a real car.

Suddenly girls and music took over our free time, but we never forgot the fun we had with model cars.

Building and collecting model cars lead to a life long passion.



scale kits, promos and styling models.